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Long Trail Multisport offers one-on-one coaching tailored to fit the goals and lifestyles of the athletes.


The program is designed to provide not only a carefully personalized training schedule for each athlete, the program is also designed to be flexible. As your goals change, as your situation changes, the program changes with you. As your fitness level improves and your life evolves, your training will have the flexibility to move with you.


The one-on-one coaching begins with the initial consultation (in person if the athlete is local to the coach, otherwise by phone). This will establish goals, strengths, areas of improvement, and also take into consideration all other aspects of the athlete’s life – kids, partners, jobs – as all of these must be taken into consideration to create an effective and usable training schedule.


As a Long Trail Multisport athlete, you will develop a relationship with your coach that will ensure a truly personal training plan. The consult, training log, and evaluations will not only take your training and athletic goals into consid- eration, but also how it needs to be incorporated into the rest of your life to create a successful plan, and maintain the life-work-sport balance.


Short-Term In Person Evaluation and Consultation

This program offers a 3-5 hour in-personal consult that includes initial field testing and goal setting. After the initial consult there is a plan of 3 weekly follow-ups by phone and electronic log review.


Long-Term Evaluation and Consultation

The long-term program offers a 3-,6-, 9- and 12-month program. As with the short-term program, the long-term pro- grams all begin with the initial consult and the establishment of the electronic log. Once the initial goals are estab- lished, contact continues with weekly consults about training, competition, and personal/life events, and the athlete will maintain an electronic log for the coach’s review. Additional meetings are set for designated events and/or at mutually-convenient locations for additional in-person coaching, planning, and evaluations, for up to five days during the coaching session. Also, there is the opportunity for additional informal coaching and personal advice as the ath- lete feels that additional coaching input between designated sessions would be useful and helpful. At the conclusion of the coaching session, there will be a final review and interview to discuss the season, advancement, and perfor- mance of the athlete. 

Please contact Joe directly for more details regarding different training schedules, services, and fees.

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