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Joshua Dufresne - 

“In working for Springfield Medical Care Systems, Inc, health and fitness is very important to me - but who has the actual time to devote to it?  That's what I used to think, and as a result I remained mostly sedentary.  I remember hearing about an IRONMAN 70.3 happening in Maine of this year (August 2018).  A few of my colleagues wanted to do this, but they had already done triathlons and distance running.  I was certainly intrigued by the idea, but also completely and utterly lost as to how to get into IRONMAN shape.  That's when I sat down with Joe.  Joe helped me with some extremely helpful points when it came to swimming, biking, and running.  I will say, I could not even swim across the pool, I was winded after 1 miles runs, and I had not ever been on a road bike for more than a easy 1-3 miler - I only had mountain bike experience.  This was my baseline when I began my journey in March of 2018.  Joe was always there setting up swims, rides and runs.  He took my to levels I never knew I could reach.  He really worked on my confidence and pushed me in ways that were not scary or demeaning.  He is a true coach who takes what's inside you and inspires you to do more.  I could not be where I am now without Joe!  Finishing the IRONMAN 70.3 was a massive accomplishment for me.”



Christian Craig – 

“I began working with Joe as a running client for a half marathon.  His detailed approach had me well prepared for my first big event.  It was during this training that I experienced the loss of my father and Joe’s ability to adapt, identify that there were bigger things going on, but that running/training could be an outlet, was huge help and support system.



Corey Cenate – 

Prior to working with Joe, my swimming experience consisted of a couple laps in the pool during the summer hanging out with friends and family. Cycling was non-existent and running came in the form of obstacle course races or other sports. I hated running. My first practice was transformational. In just a couple hours he was able to identify my strengths and my weaknesses and I left feeling confident and ready to get started. At first I was only able to do a few laps as my breathing was out of sync, my strokes were inefficient, I was constantly under stress about just getting to the other side…I completed my first Sprint triathalon in July of 2018 and my swim was the strongest of the three. I’ve incorporated open water swims into my training sometimes for a mile or so, but the biggest thing is, is that I feel comfortable in the water, mentally and physically and that is something that not anyone can coach you. It takes someone who truly has an art for this sport.”



Stephen Lawrence – 

“[Joe] took the time to understand my swimming ability (I would have described that ability as poor), and took the necessary steps to get me comfortable in the water and moved me at a very comfortable progression.

I have since competed in my race and was astonished by my time; however more than I anything, as I look back, I truly appreciate his demeanor of, and approach to coaching. He spoke honestly, respectfully, positively and with integrity. He matched me and my wants and goals, but still gave me an appropriate headspace.”

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